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Hidden Bay (Uranium) 100% owned


  • 31.9km2 – Prospective for unconformity and basement-hosted uranium deposits, with uranium mineralisation reported in historic drilling.
  • Located on the eastern edge of the Athabasca Basin at the sub-Athabasca unconformity. Western part of property has Athabasca Group sandstone cover and eastern portion is underlain by metamorphic basement rocks of the Wollaston Domain.
  • Also, located around 20km and 30km southeast of Rabbit Lake Uranium Mine and Eagle Point Uranium Mine respectively.
  • Rabbit Lake Uranium Mine was the longest-operating uranium mine in North America, producing more than 203 Mlbs of U3O8 over 41 years. (
  • Hidden Bay area shares many geological similarities with the Rabbit Lake/Eagle Point area.
  • Raven-Horseshoe deposits located 13km north in similar geological setting.
  • Only one hole drilled within the claim area in the last 35 years, indicative of the lack of modern exploration
  • Six priority targets identified with drilling to focus on gravity lows where coincident with interpreted structures and/or lithological contacts.